Meet Your hOMe Collective Yoga Instructors

Claire Le Lait


Claire Le Lait fell in love with yoga in early 2009. Like many people, her practice began as a physical one and eventually evolved into a deep spiritual one. Her personal yogic philosophy is that people can receive many benefits from yoga by balancing active/strengthening styles of yoga with passive/relaxing ones such as Restorative. She believes that by combining these two opposing practices, physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation can occur. Claire hopes to help students see their own innate beauty through movement, relaxation, and breath. She is a 500 hour RYT through Yoga Alliance.

Cynthia St. Clair


Cynthia has been practicing yoga since 2002, when a semester-long college course reduced her stress and upped her bliss so much that she got hooked. She believes that yoga is a process of balancing and removing blocks between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit so that we may deepen fully into who we truly are when our system functions optimally. Cynthia blends her yoga background with concepts from her work in somatic psychology to create classes with a therapeutic, trauma-informed lens. Since completing her training at The Integral Yoga Institute of New York in 2006, she has been blessed to shared this beautiful practice with many people of all ages and walks of life. Cynthia is also certified in Prenatal Yoga, Children’s Yoga, and Yoga for Women. She believes deeply in the power of yoga and body-based healing and is thrilled to offer her teaching at hOMe Collective.

Danielle Chandler


Danielle decided she wanted to share her passion of yoga with others after practicing for 6 consecutive years. She is driven by her love for traveling, nature and endless time spent on the mat. Danielle received her 200 hour certification in Canggu, Bali while living in Asia for several months. Connecting with individuals from all over the world through yoga is only the beginning of her journey. She plans to use the amazing practice to help others feel the sense of clarity, calmness and overall well being she strives to experience everyday. Matching breath to movement in order to find peace and joy in the present moment is her ultimate goal. She kindly welcomes students of any level to join her in a class filled with playful asanas, concentrated breath work and ultimate relaxation. 

Emily Ducharme


Emily has been practicing yoga for over 18 years, taking her first class in high school. She taught her first class at 18, and became an RYT-200 in 2010, completing her teacher training at Asana Studio under Jenn Stewart. In 2011, Emily took a 100-hr Anusara Immersion with Amy Ippoliti, and in 2014 she completed a Yoga Nidra teacher training with Jeremy Wolf. She graduated from the 500-hr Yoga Alliance approved teacher training in 2015 at Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation studying under Beth Sanchez, Hansa Knox, Cheryl Deer, Jeremy Wolf, and many others. In every class she teaches, she offers laughter, safety, challenge, and joy. Yoga is so much more than just a sequence of poses, and Emily’s goal as a teacher is to help each student find inspiration to pursue their own practice. She’s taught yoga to beginners since 2010, and loves welcoming EVERYone to the mat.

Erin Elston


RYT-200 Erin’s journey with yoga began in 2001 while trying to find methods for working through sports injuries. After becoming RYT200 certified in 2009 and exploring the many modalities of yoga Erin found the beauty in the subtle art of restorative yoga and now focuses on taking yogi’s on a renewing journey of their own.

Gabor Boczonadi


Gabor grew up in Budapest, Hungary and came to the USA to play collegiate tennis in 2002. A competitive athlete since the age of six, Gabor has an intimate knowledge of movement, high performance athletics and a love for coaching. He was introduced to yoga in 2012 as a way of cross training and combating the stress of a hectic corporate career. He immediately fell in love with the physical aspect of the practice, only to be later captivated by the deeper layers of yoga.

During a 16 month trip around the world he became RYT200 certified at Samyak Yoga in Mysore, India and later trained with Kindness Yoga in Denver. Now regarding yoga as an all encompassing life style, Gabor’s main practice and teaching style includes various breathing methods and meditation techniques. His classes tend to be physically challenging, yet approachable, with a deep sense of purpose and spirituality.

When not teaching yoga or leading retreats, Gabor works as Outdoor Recreational Instructor guiding groups of kids and adults through various challenges. With a growth oriented mindset he teaches people to climb, hike, stand-up paddle board, and overcome their limitations on challenge courses in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

In his free time, you’ll find him playing in the Rockies with his wife, Michelle, and rescue pup, Yama,- camping, snowboarding, biking, or honing his skills at his newfound passions of climbing and trail running.

Gabriel Posner


Gabriel’s interest in Somatics arose from a need to deal with the debilitating pain, asthma and digestive issues he was suffering in his early 20s.  Having just finished massage school he wasn’t sure how to get through the next month let alone build a career helping others. Hanna Somatics offered the tools to not just understand how his various issues were linked together but also how to unravel them.  Not only is Gabriel feeling better than ever but for the past 12 years, as a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator, he has been helping others discover the power of somatics through hands-on clinical sessions and group classes. Gabriel is excited to join the team at hOMe Collective and offer a different perspective on movement, mind-body integration, and personal growth through somatics.

When not teaching, Gabriel is enjoying all the various outdoor fun that Colorado has to offer and raising two sweet, energetic boys with his wife in Denver.

Jamie White


Jamie White (RYT 200), is blessed to have been born and raised in Colorado, and has been practicing yoga for about 15 years. Off the mat she is a Licensed Professional Counselor supporting women in health and healing professions to overcome anxiety and trauma. As a yoga instructor Jamie utilizes ideas from psychology,
neuroscience, and yogic philosophy to inspire her students and facilitate a mindful and grounding experience.

Jamie believes that changes we make in our minds, bodies and spirits on our yoga mat translate into more
abundant living in our lives off of the mat. Learn more about Jamie and her private practice here:

Jaunie Federowicz


Jaunie’s love and passion for yoga has spanned more than 2 decades. She finds yoga an ongoing adventure into the landscape of being human. Her teaching is infused with a sense of humor, deep compassion, loving kindness and a mantra of “ it all gets to be here.” Her intention in teaching is to offer her students a way into direct experience, sensation, edge and mindful awareness of the present moment.

A recent transplant to Colorado, Jaunie lives in Denver with her husband. She loves to travel, adores plants, books, dogs, kids, great hikes, salads and her family.

Jaunie is a RYT-E(200), YACEP, C-IAYT and is on staff for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy School as a mentor to yoga therapist in training.

Jenn Stewart


Born and raised in Colorado, Jenn has been teaching Yoga since 2006 and practicing since 1998. Falling in love with an alignment focused practice, the amazing flow of a vinyasa practice & the spirituality of Bhakti yoga, Jenn has developed a style that combines all with the ultimate goal of always finding the best in her students. Each class will have a different theme and focus so that students of all levels can find their divine centers and soar from their hearts. Jenn challenges her students to learn about their bodies and understand that there are no limitations just different expressions of poses. Her active flow and alignment classes will move with intensity and grace but still hold true to the roots of alignment. Jenn also teaches prenatal and postnatal yoga, toddler yoga and has been blessed to have written and been director for two 200 hour Yoga alliance certified teacher training programs in the Denver area. Jenn’s mantra has always been simple, “Teach and learn with the heart!”

Jes Kimak


Jessica’s first experience with yoga was an MTV yoga DVD back in high school. She took some time to fall into a deeper practice but when she did it helped cure a back injury she developed in college. She brings her love for neuroscience into every class combining science and the “spiritual stuff” in beautiful ways that brings students walking away from class feeling more connected to their body, mind and spirit. She has training in Kids yoga through Young Warriors and Trauma Informed Yoga through Street Yoga. She loves teaching yoga to all ages as a tool to connect to the mind in deeper ways.

Jordan Gibbons


For me, the majority of my twenties were spent reflecting on who and what I wanted to be. While this exploration was important, it wasn’t until I dove head first into yoga that I truly was able to connect to myself and see a greater path to follow. After years of disconnect within my work and personal lives, this practice helped me to develop a consistent and powerful conversation between the mind and body. Yoga has taught me to concentrate on self love, self care and has forever changed my past competitiveness. As someone who has always appreciated sports, I knew early on that simply showing up to your mat, was all it took to win. Once my mind was freed from always striving to be the best, there was nothing, but space to breath, flow and strengthen the body along with the mind. This practice has guided me to my truest self, and I strive to motivate and inspire those I practice with, both as a teacher and a student. I encourage others to show up with a beginners mindset as we all have so much to learn. In my classes, I will cultivate the use of focus and breath to fuel and strengthen the body and mind. I believe that what we cultivate on our mat can greatly serve us off of our mat, setting us up to flow more fluently through our lives. Bring your smile, your breath, and be ready to sweat. I look forward to growing on our mats together!

Kelli Gould


Kelli believes that yoga strengthens the body, calms the mind and awakens the soul. Her own soul was “awakened” in 2006 in the Thousand Islands, NY, where she discovered that yoga was more than just another form of exercise. It became a way of life. Incorporating Live Acoustic Music into her flow brings an added dimension to her class and is immensely popular with her students. Kelli delights in teaching all levels of students, from the first-timer to the advanced practitioner, and absolutely insists on having fun both on and off her mat! “People are stronger than they think they are. Inspiring students to challenge themselves both on and off their mat is the greatest gift I can offer.”

Kristine Whittle


Kristine Whittle is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and professional modern dancer. Her yoga practice and teaching have evolved over the years to reflect her changing needs: from a very active and athletic practice to one that is gentler, more refined, and focuses on the power of the breath to establish a deeper level of stability and calm. Kristine’s yoga classes are designed to provide opportunities to slow down, deepen self-awareness, and empower the practitioner to engage in a way that allows them to not just do yoga, but to purposefully step into and rest in the experience of yoga.

Laura Burt


Laura is passionate about continuously learning and evolving in her own personal life and aiding in empowering others to do the same. As part of her journey, she discovered the practice of yoga and has been practicing for 7 years, teaching for almost 3 years. She received her 200 hr cert in Denver and is trained in several styles of yoga. Laura is a psychotherapist, life coach, yoga teacher, meditation guide, and a Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) practitioner. Laura realized that yoga had the ability to help her
connect deeper with her own present moment experience and strengthen her inner strength. Laura uses mindfulness skills in her classes to support others in making meaningful contact with their own experiences and to develop a sense of personal efficacy.

Mary Bagley


Mary is a native of Colorado. She is a licensed massage therapist in Arvada, CO. Mary has practiced yoga for 15 years. She received her yoga certification this past August with Yoga Assets. She loves both the physicality of yoga as well as the spirituality, so she marries both in her yoga practice. Mary teaches gentle and restorative yoga along with vinyasa flow. She is excited to be a part of the hOMe family. 

Susan Dalen


Susan began practicing yoga as an avenue to get fit and healthier. She quickly fell in love with the practice and discovered how important yoga was for her physical, emotional, and mental health. Through yoga, Susan has reinvented herself, and has a new life mission supporting others through all of life’s joys, difficulties, and inevitable struggles. Along with her yoga teacher training from Asana Studio, in Arvada, Colorado, Susan is a certified Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. Through these experiences, Susan works to integrate the mind and body in order to find a renewed sense of health for the entire being, on and off the mat. She loves to teach and thrives on connecting with other yogis and the yoga community. No matter what type of class she is teaching, she emphasizes a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere where yogis can reconnect with themselves and their breath on their yoga mat. Yoga is a constant practice and Susan looks forward to helping yogis find a path that works for them and helps them find their best self.

Vanessa Cameron


Vanessa moved to Denver in 2014 for the yoga community at VFW Post 1 on Santa Fe. A Marine veteran and acupuncturist, she had no intention of becoming a yoga teacher but was drawn to its power to calm the nervous system and create balance. She completed her YTT in 2016 with Kindness Yoga and began teaching for Comeback Yoga at VFW Post 1 that fall. Since, she has trained in Yoga Nidra with Jeremy Wolf, I AM (Integrative Amrit Method) Yoga Nidra with Kamini Desai and John Vosler, level 1 & 2 Restorative Teacher Training with Kristine Whittle, and in various trauma informed yoga teaching methods. Vanessa has an intuitive approach and enjoys bringing her love of Chinese Medicine, psychology, astrology, and Pema Chodron into her classes. She brings balance, grounding, and acceptance to her classes. Off the mat she enjoys spending time with her husband, two rescue Dobermans, and rescue cat in their home in Arvada and helping people find balance to empower health in her Esoteric Acupuncture practice.

“Harness the power of your body’s wisdom. Translate it into life changing truth in action”

-Michael Lee