Meet Valerie Epstein-Johnson

Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist

Valerie Epstein-Johnson offers Integrated Mental Health and Creative Arts Therapy at hOMe Collective. Valerie Epstein-Johnson is a board-certified registered art therapist and licensed professional counselor who serves children 7 and up and adults in all stages of life in individual psychotherapy at Home Collective. Valerie also works with individual or small groups of adults looking for a personal growth reset, engaging them in a series of 1-4 “Values Boarding” sessions using collage, discussion, and other tools to help them get clear on their values—what is most important to them in Life—and assess how closely their lifestyles currently reflect those values.

Valerie is a guide and companion who can help you navigate your own depths using conversation, pen and paper, paint, and other creative media to help you craft the life you want and more successfully navigate what stands in your way. From her very first contact with you, Valerie will make you feel welcome—with her and in her therapy space. She has taken great care to create a cozy, healing place that doesn’t feel like an office— the vibe being “artsy mid-century living room” rather than “business office” or “institutional.” As a committed member of the Home Collective team, Valerie is deeply invested in the ways Focal Point Art Therapy + Counseling and Home Collective create safety, warmth, and calm, but also dynamic activity.

Unlike many traditional health care providers, Valerie does not assume a clinical persona or keep her personality out of her work. Valerie is someone who“keeps it real,”unafraid to show up with vulnerability, authenticity, and humor, while at the same time able to confidently and professionally facilitate growth in her clients, drawing on 15+ years of experience and a large toolbox of therapeutic techniques. As an intermodal creative arts therapist trained to use the full range of expressive arts media in therapy, Valerie is not constrained by traditional notions of what psychotherapy means. Though you may use your insurance to pay for your treatment at Focal Point Art Therapy + Counseling, Cigna, Aetna, or Humana doesn’t make the rules; Valerie meets you where you are using evidence-based therapies in ways that fit your needs, interests, and personality.

Blending the mindfulness and focus on core values of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with the self-inquiry and play of Art Therapy, Valerie not only helps you cope with challenges and heal wounds, but supports your growth as a whole person. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a decades-old, yet cutting-edge approach to learning how to navigate self-sabotaging thoughts and painful feelings so that you can live a life of meaning and authenticity. At Focal Point Art Therapy + Counseling, Valerie Epstein-Johnson uses the very practical tools of ACT alongside depth-oriented modalities, including art therapy and Sandplay Therapy, that welcome the unconscious and its deepest needs. Valerie’s specialties include Infertility, Grief/Loss, Pregnancy Loss, Aging, Dying/End of Life Needs, Transgender Identity and Wellness, and living consciously with values and meaning as a focus.

When Valerie isn’t working with clients, she is immersed in a full life of parenting two young girls and 2 tabby cats, singing in a Denver women’s choir, nurturing her own wellness with yoga and Zumba®, and serving on the board of the Colorado Art Therapy Association. An East Coast transplant of 6 years, Valerie makes the most of her Denver lifestyle, enjoying the food, arts, and culture of the city as well as the beauty and outdoor recreation of the mountains as much as possible.

Having worked in private practice and a variety of agencies for 12 years, Valerie opened Focal Point Art Therapy + Counseling at Home Collective as her own values-focused labor of love in 2016. At Focal Point, in the nurturing nest of the Home Collective space and community, Valerie is able to bring all her core values together to help and connect with a diverse group of children and adults. Channeling her strengths and core sources of meaning to connect with others is Valerie’s greatest joy and THE focal point of her life. In Valerie’s words, “If I have any creed to share it is this: We can live our values and grow into who we want to be, in spite of and because of our vulnerabilities, so figure out what matters to you and forge a path in that direction. There will always be demons in our heads and pain in our hearts, but the focal points of our lives don’t require us to be pain-free or free of demons, just willing to dance with the demons in the direction of meaning and authenticity.”

To learn more about Valerie Epstein-Johnson and Focal Point Art Therapy + Counseling or to schedule a free 30 minute consultation, call 720-336-5852, read more at, or contact Valerie at

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Humana, Cigna, Aetna, Private Pay

“I took Valerie’s “Creative Mourning” workshop last year, in which she encouraged us to explore a loss or transition in our lives using art supplies to build a Day-of-the-Dead-style altar. Such a lovely and thoughtful event. Valerie was a wonderful leader — warm, professional and wise. The time was structured in a great way that allowed participants to interact and share as much or little as they were comfortable with, and making the altars was a meditative and joyful experience.”

“I Loved the way Valerie used art to help me dig into values and vision. What a fun experience!”