Meet Scott Sorensen

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Scott Sorensen offers Integrated Mental Health sessions, Walk and Talk Therapy and Biofeedback sessions at hOMe Collective. Dr. Scott Sorensen is a Clinical Psychologist with over 12 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, couples and families create better and more fulfilling lives. Scott has worked with a lot of folks and has experience using many therapies, but what Scott has really learned is that each person has a unique story and needs someone to help them find the next direction to take it.

Scott’s Story

Prior to entering psychology, Scott was an undergraduate film major at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk) who loved characters and dialogue and wanted to understand what made folks do the things they do. Scott graduated and moved to Los Angeles to make movies, but eventually realized it is people’s real stories and helping them find their way that is his real calling in life.

Scott moved to Chicago and attended the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and graduated with a masters and doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Scott has worn a variety of hats along the way (therapist, manager, training director, adjunct professor) with his goal in all of these roles to be honest, transparent, emphatic, and collaborative.

Why Scott Does This

Scott loves listening to stories, whether they are funny or sad, sincere or corny, honest or not exactly. Scott always appreciates getting to know others through their words and emotions. Scott equally enjoys helping people get to where they want to go in this life. Scott has been blessed many times by people who have helped him on his journey, and Scott prizes the opportunity to help you. Scott believes that having someone with an open ear and caring heart will help you heal, restore, and prepare for your best journey.

Within his private practice, Active Talks, Scott utilizes Walk & Talk Therapy, Biofeedback, and Couples Therapy. Scott’s practice is called Active Talks, and he believes that going for a walk, throwing a ball, heading for a hike, bowling or working out while talking with a therapist using their knowledge and life experience will help you find your best path. With Walk and Talk Therapy, Scott creates a safe place to have honest conversations while moving together in a natural environment. Scott will look at your journey and the steps that led you to here through a narrative approach, find the lessons learned, and then chart out where you want to go next. Scott also uses Biofeedback, which is a tool that gives feedback on your heart rhythms. From that objective data, Scott teaches you how to increase your ability to regulate your physical experiences and therefore improve your mental and emotional well-being. Scott also brings Couples Therapy into his Active Talk practice. In his approach to Couples Therapy, Scott, believes that sometimes we just need to have someone help us look at our relationship from a neutral perspective, see what things we are doing right and wrong, and help us regain our wish for joy and happiness together.

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”