Meet Sarah Zumkinkel

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Rolfer

Sarah offers Massage Therapy and Rolfing sessions. After having experienced the wonderful benefits of bodywork during her recovery from many mountain biking and snowboarding mishaps while growing up in Steamboat Springs; compounded by a car accident at 19 that compressed her spine Sarah Zumwinkel received her first 10 series of Rolfing®. Growing up in a health conscious environment with parents in the bodywork field, and having experienced such a transformative healing process myself, it seemed only natural for Sarah to enter into this fantastic field.

Sarah graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy and became licensed in ‘06. She then fine tuned her therapeutic skills by completing Rolfing® training at the Rolf® Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO.

Most of Sarah’s work involves resolving old injuries and their compensations. A broken leg or sprained ankle as a child can lead to lack of support and inefficient movement resulting in back pain as an adult. Through highly skilled manipulations, her work reestablishes anatomically normal alignment and bio-mechanically efficient movement patterns. In so doing, the major segments of the body – head, neck, shoulders, chest, pelvis, legs, ankles, and feet are brought towards their optimal organization.

Many of Sarah’s clients come to her after receiving some sort of manual therapy (physical therapy, chiropractic, etc.) which was effective for a short time but didn’t last. (“I felt great until I walked to my car”). A useful analogy is – if the drywall is cracking on the 3rd floor of your house, you can patch the drywall. If it keeps cracking, you need to patch the drywall and look at the whole structure all the way to its foundation. This is what she does.

Bodywork has been crucial in maintaining Sarah’s quality of life, and she looks forward to sharing the benefits of this amazing work with you!

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“The environment we live in most is the environment of which we’re least aware: the body”

-Stephen Levine