Meet Sarah Claus

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Sarah Claus offers her clients Integrated Mental Health services, including individual sessions, sessions using EMDR, support for those in substance use recovery, couples therapy, and groups.

Focus of Sarah’s work

Sarah prides herself in working well with folks who are seasoned in therapy, as well as with folks who are feeling curious, reluctant, or simply new to therapy.  

She supports clients mostly around areas of trauma, image, problematic substance use recovery, communication, anxiety, depression, and generally aligning oneself with their true values and beliefs.  She incorporates self-compassion, trauma reprocessing, and mindfulness. She frequently helps clients to cultivate a more caring attitude to their younger selves, which may shift their present realities drastically.

Sarah sits with a gentle and compassionate stance, helping to shine light on themes, opportunities, and inconsistencies in a client’s life.  Drawn towards the existential approach to therapy, Sarah encourages healthy self-awareness. As appropriate, Sarah incorporates a client’s bodily awareness to deepen or shift their understandings of their experiences and emotions.  Her approach honors her therapeutic intuition, her belief in a person’s ability to deepen and grow, her appreciation for interconnectedness, and her training in evidence-based practices.

Sarah works with adults in all stages of life.  In her groups throughout the year, Sarah lights up to see the different kind of growth and connection that happens when clients connect with one another around powerful themes like self-compassion.

More about Sarah

Sarah is currently an LPCC with a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regis University.  As a clinical psychotherapist, she also is trained as a Level II Relational Life Therapy (RLT) couples therapist.  She is currently in her EMDR training, which means that she is currently approved to offer EMDR to her clients. She has also been trained in CBT methods which are heavily evidence-based, and while these are not her primary modality, she appreciates using these and other methods.

Having lived in Colorado for over 15 years, Sarah blends the warmth and softness of her Midwest upbringing with her intuitive, yet direct way of connecting from her Southwestern heritage.  Sarah identifies as a dedicated ally of the LGBTQ+ community. She is active in areas of sustainability, social justice, and community building. She loves traveling, whether near or far. She loves her time as a mother and also relishes in little moments like taking her Australian Shepherd for a walk on a windy Colorado day.

To learn more about Sarah Claus, visit her private practice website at, follow her on social media (Instagram: @sarah.claus.therapy; Facebook: @sarahclaustherapy), or call her at 303.901.7721.


Private Pay, Scholarships Available, FSA/HSA

“The environment we live in most is the environment of which we’re least aware: the body”

-Stephen Levine