Meet Emily (Powers) Ducharme

Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, RYT 500 & E-RYT 200

Emily (Powers) Ducharme offers CranioSacral Therapy sessions, Massage Therapy sessions, and Reiki sessions. As a bodyworker and energetic healer, Emily is incredibly honored to provide therapeutic sessions for her clients. Her goal is to help the mind-body-spirit connection ease back into balance and alignment through gentle, thoughtful, and comprehensive sessions. Her work is restorative, healing, relaxing, and intuitively profound. Every session you have with Emily will be unique, relaxing, and will leave you feeling centered.

CranioSacral Therapy is a subtle, yet powerful, technique that assists in the rebalancing of the Nervous System. Emily loves this work because of how vast the results can be, and how unique each session is for every client. Whether working with chronic issues, acute symptoms, or anxiety/depression/emotional imbalances, this form of work can be life-changing. To be able to give that gift to a client is truly priceless, and the magic of each session keeps Emily fascinated with the process.

Reiki is a form of energy work that can access and clear many layers of the system. Emily loves using Reiki In conjunction with other modalities, and finds that it often deepens the overall experience and results for her clients. Many have told her that she has some of the “hottest” Reiki hands they’ve experienced, reflecting the power with which Emily believes this practice can bring. She is honored to be a vessel through which to transmit such sacred, and revered, healing touch.

Massage Therapy sessions with Emily are not your typical “deep tissue” or “fluff & buff” type of experience. She combines her insights from CranioSacral and Reiki, as well as intuitive guidance, to create a soothing, truly restorative experience. Her intention is to work not only with your muscles, but also with your Nervous System, to encourage a parasympathetic experience for true healing. Pressure will be adjusted to your needs, and will never be so deep that you experience pain.

Every session incorporates essential oils, if desired, as well as music and palo santo. Emily uses doTERRa oils, which are therapeutic grade oils, safe for topical and internal use.
Emily grew up in Boston and moved to Colorado when she was 18 years old. She began practicing yoga at age 16, which was her first window into the world of holistic health. She became certified to teach yoga in 2010, finished her 500-hr Yoga Alliance certification in 2014, and earned her license in Massage Therapy in 2015 at Cypress Health Institute in Santa Cruz, CA. She has studied CranioSacral Therapy at San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork as well as with the Upledger Institute. She also has been practicing Reiki for many years, and has studied the Usui lineage under Jeremy Wolf. She initially received her Reiki I training back in 2013, then pursued her Reiki II training in 2014, and became a Reiki Master in 2017.

It brings Emily so much joy to be able to offer a range of therapies, from yoga to bodywork to energy work, and to assist you on your path to optimal health & wellness. She very much looks forward to working with you and supporting your well-being journey!

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“The environment we live in most is the environment of which we’re least aware: the body”

-Stephen Levine