Meet DeNae D'Auria

Certified Structural Integration Practitioner

DeNae D’Auria has been a Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration since 2003. DeNae studied Exercise Science/Pre-Med at Arizona State University and continued on to Bastyr University where she received a BS in Health Psychology. She received academic honors at both schools and was recognized for her student research at Bastyr University. While at Bastyr, DeNae studied almost every elective she could take— ranging from nutrition, to Chinese Medicine, to naturopathic based classes, to Shamanism, to energy medicine, to traditional and non-traditional psychology classes. On her way to medical school, DeNae discovered the healing and wellness powers of Structural Integration and redirected her path. Finding her true love and calling in this work, DeNae became certified in Structural Integration at the Guild for Structural Integration in Kauai and Boulder. DeNae had the privilege of being trained by Dr. Ida Rolf’s hand selected teachers while they were still alive.

Having been an athlete her whole life, DeNae understands the wear and tear movement can have on the body. She has also worked as a business executive and experienced the stress and physical exhaustion travel and traditional work life can have on a person’s system and structure. DeNae has done a lot of continuing education, and understands and is comfortable holding space for trauma and the things that may arise when aligning the body and mobilizing the fascia. She is not a therapist and will refer clients to a therapist as needed. But her work very much compliments therapy and self-work/growth. DeNae’s work can assist whatever your goal may be: better physical alignment, better mental alignment, better spiritual alignment, or all of the above!

DeNae has worked with a wide variety of clients. When working with clients her main goals are to assist alignment, movement, health, joy and ease in the bodies of her clients. And, most all to work *with* each individual’s body and not *on* their body; each individual is individual and DeNae intuitively and non-intuitively listens to the individual needs of her clients. DeNae has worked with professional and non-professional athletes, professional and non-professional musicians, doctors, attorneys, therapists, business professionals, fellow bodyworkers, pregnant women before, during and after their pregnancies, special needs clientele, and truly anyone with a body. DeNae has even practiced Structural Integration on a private plane (she honestly will work with her clients to fit their lifestyle and needs!).  

DeNae believes in and practices traditional Structural Integration “Rolfing.” Though she has studied many other healing modalities, DeNae believes Dr. Ida Rolf took the best of physics, anatomy, mental health and spirituality, and mastered a form of human healing. DeNae is a true, certified practitioner of Structural Integration and uses Dr. Rolf’s “recipe” plus her own intuition when taking a client thru a ten series. There are a lot of myofascial practitioners and bodywork schools of teaching, but DeNae D’Auria is a legitimate and certified Practitioner of Structural Integration and the original teachings of Dr. Rolf.

Outside of Structural Integration, DeNae is also a Certified Mediator, Certified Non-Violent Communication Specialist, Certified Intuitive, Certified Family Systems and Constellations Practitioner and Certified Lagree Fitness Instructor. DeNae believes the closer to the “master” you can study, the purer the knowledge you receive. With that said, DeNae has studied directly with not only the original Structural Integration teachers, but also with Marshall Rosenberg, Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. Andrew Weil, Ben Fuchs, Internationally renowned mediators, and Sebastien Lagree. DeNae very much values education and knowledge and continues expanding her knowledge for herself and the benefit of her clients. Her goal is to understand and practice health and alignment on all levels.

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“I have been struggling for a couple of years with injuries from running and golf. I went to see DeNae after trying Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy and still having pain. DeNae helped me understand fascia and why knots and scars exist. After 10 treatments (a ten series) I haven’t felt this good in years. I feel better both on and off my feet. I feel taller and stable. My golf game has notably improved and I had my best scoring year ever after my ten series! Thanks DeNae!”


“I didn’t realize how poorly my body was moving until I started my ten-series with DeNae. Each time we had a session I could feel my movement patterns get better and notice that my body was more inline. I can actually feel my breath throughout my body and I didn’t even know that was possible. I love to lift heavy in the gym and after completing the ten-series I feel more comfortable lifting heavy and I feel like I am using my entire body to lift. 

My before and after pictures blew my mind. I was so crooked to begin with. I can’t really put into words how thankful I am that I found DeNae and that I completed a ten-series with her. I look forward to working more with her in the future.”


“Don’t walk, but run, to this woman’s table! I am a bodyworker myself and for 20 years have had countless practitioners in many different fields work on me. Nothing can compare to DeNae D’Auria’s table, the work she does is sacred. Physically you will feel free and the work she does won’t stop there. She is an intuitive healer and will listen to your body, getting down to the root causes, creating lasting change and transformation. It is amazing.”

-Brianne H.