Meet Caroline Kelly

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Caroline offers Nutritional Therapy at hOMe Collective! Caroline’s passion for nutrition was born from a place of necessity. After falling ill her senior year of college she embarked on a 7 year road to recovery that involved 13 doctors, thousands of dollars and more lab tests than she ever thought possible. Over the past seven years the biggest lesson she’s learned is that healing comes from within, there is not one medicine, one diet or one supplement that will resolve unrelenting symptoms. Healing is about providing the body with a variety of nurturing tools to regain balance and
ultimately thrive. The cornerstone of her recovery was and continues to be eating a tailored nutrient dense, whole foods diet that has propelled her healing journey.

This passion for healing through nutrient dense food lead Caroline to complete a Nutritional Therapy Practitioners certification. With this certification, she provides wellness coaching for people seeking to restore and support physical vitality.

Using a detailed 6 step approach, she collaborates with clients to create an eating and lifestyle plan that supports their unique bio-individual needs. Through this client-centered approach, she addresses root cause imbalances that could lead to nagging symptoms and prevent progress towards reaching health goals. The main points of focus are digestion, blood sugar regulation, hydration, mineral balance and fatty acids status. As the roots of health are nurtured and restored, vitality and a zest for life follows.

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“The first wealth is health.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson