Meet Bev Johnson

Certified International Association of Yoga Therapist, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Bev Johnson offers Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy at hOMe Collective. Bev  found Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy at a point in her life when she had perfected the art of fulfilling the top box of corporate performance assessment matrices at too-big-to-fail banks – at great expense to her soul. First through yoga classes, then through yoga teacher trainings, and most significantly through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Bev discovered that she had an inner self – a more true and unique version of herself – that had little resemblance to what she was living. Given one definition of stress as “wishing things were other than they are,” the discrepancy between where she was and where she increasingly wanted to be created a tremendous amount of chronic, long-term stress in Bev’s life, which led to physiological imbalances, health issues, and ultimately big life changes.

The new awareness of a deeper and unique sense of Self made it increasingly difficult for Bev to check her soul at the door and walk into work every day in her corporate roles. In 2010, after 25 years in the corporate “grind” and upon completing her Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy certification training, Bev made the leap to her new career as a yoga therapist. Believing that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, she dove into Phoenix Rising in as many ways as she could find. Today, Bev is certified in Phoenix Rising as a private yoga therapist, a group facilitator and a therapeutic yoga teacher. She is also a senior member of the faculty team at the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy teaching the three core methodology courses in their International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Accredited Program.

In December 2014, Bev found a way to combine her corporate skills with her passion for yoga therapy by serving on the Certification Committee of the IAYT. There she was a key staff member implementing the first yoga therapist credential in 2016-17 and she continues to serve on the Committee to help promote standards and credentialing for the fledgling yoga therapy field.

Bev is a great example of how life can change when we are empowered to make choices from the awareness and clarity of our own personal truth. For many of us this truth is buried deeply within us, hidden under “truths” imposed on us by others. Many of us don’t even notice that what we are living is not our own truth, and yet finding this connection to it, along with the empowerment to live it, is often nothing short of transformational.

As a member of the Phoenix Rising community through her years of training, Bev found one of the most impactful dimensions of that experience to be the presence and companionship of like-minded, compassionately authentic and supportive fellow Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapists. Once outside of those training experiences, she made a commitment to herself to build that community around her. In 2014 at a yoga therapy community meeting in Denver, Bev met Liz Keltner, a Phoenix Rising colleague who was just launching her search for the right space to establish her vision for the hOMe Collective. At the time they met, Bev was looking for space in the Denver area to offer the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Teacher trainings, including the IAYT Accredited Program. A great partnership in intention was formed! hOMe is now a thriving community of varied and like-minded body/mind therapists, including Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

Today, Bev’s yoga therapy career is three-fold – a private yoga therapist and workshop facilitator practicing at hOMe Collective, a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy educator training yoga therapists at hOMe Collective, and a committee member at IAYT furthering the interests of yoga therapists and the yoga therapy field.

We have graduated two groups of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapists from this Denver location so far, and with each our local Phoenix Rising presence grows. This growth of a localized and collaborative community is also beginning to attract seasoned Phoenix Rising practitioners from other areas of the US who seek the same community benefits and collaboration. And the vision grows!

Bev has never lost touch with the difference she experienced between starting her work days with stressful trepidation and greeting each new day as an open opportunity to enjoy what she loves and help others discover their way to finding such shifts for themselves. Some find their shift personally through receiving this work; others enhance their life’s purpose through facilitating shift for others. Whether giving or receiving, the nature of this transformational experience gives back, both personally and by being the change we want to see in this world.

Bev practices at Bev Johnson Yoga Therapy located at hOMe Collective in Wheat Ridge within the Denver Metro Area of Colorado. Visit her website at, book a session with Bev at, or contact her directly at or 540.428.6329.

“When I accept myself, I am free from the burden of needing you to accept me”  
-Dr. Steve Maraboli