Meet Jennifer Nuncio

Licensed Acupuncturist // Licensed Professional Counselor

Jennifer Nuncio, M.A., LAc., LPC is dedicated and poised to serve your Body-Mind-Spirit journey of health. She started her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor and maintains this license although she has branched into Acupuncture and Energy Work as her main modalities that she’s offering at this time.

As a licensed counselor with twenty years experience in various settings, she discovered the intimate relationship between the body and mind. As she worked with individuals suffering mentally and emotionally, she saw how their physical health would falter in kind and exacerbate their suffering. She also served people with health disorders who found themselves seeking counseling for the first time because they were experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, and/or hopelessness as a result of the losses imposed by their ailments. These discoveries fueled her belief that talk therapy and a person’s sincere desire to change were not always enough to accomplish the bigger task of holistic healing that she wanted to provide. She sensed a greater force within each person existed but it was inaccessible in the work she was providing. Thus, a passion – driven by her sense of this greater force and her value that we each need to be seen and cared for as the whole beings that we are – grew into a series of life lessons and studies.

Starting in 2008, she delved into deeper studies of the human condition and spirituality in search of her place within a discipline to be of service. These studies felt important to her because the
pathology and pharmacology focus adopted by her field did not address the wholeness of the human experience in her belief. She embarked upon trainings in the traditional medicines, first
of MesoAmerica (curanderismo) and then of ancient China (Classical Five-Element Acupuncture). These very different healing traditions from different cultures both work with natural law and energy (Qi) to dispel illness and recall health yet they do so in very different ways. Both of these traditions hold greater attention to the support of the Spirit and rely upon the wisdom of Nature. She found herself perfectly at one with these basic tenets that have no concept of separating Body-Mind-Spirit. Nature is the miracle of life all around us. Nature is alive and demonstrates how life is to be lived. Nature is always operating to keep balance,
which yields harmony, strength, and health. We are Nature as well and this medicinal understanding met Jennifer’s own understanding of that greater force inside. She directly witnessed and experienced the awesome powers of these ancient practices for herself personally, for her loved ones, and for those she has served.

As an Acupuncturist, Jennifer is able to assist healing of the physical body, nourishment of the spirit, and steadying of the mind. Many people come to acupuncture for help with medical
conditions that aren’t finding relief and are pleasantly surprised to find their symptoms improving or vanishing but also to meet a professional who takes the time to understand them. To Jennifer’s delight, Classical Five-Element Acupuncture not only works at the physical level, but has shown incredible results for mental/emotional health and recovery, often at quicker rates than what she’s seen in her counseling experience. What Jennifer loves about Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is its remarkable generosity of hope and healing for everyone – young and old, healthy or not.

Jennifer’s background also allows her to offer Intuitive Indigenous Body Work and Limpias stemming from her training in curanderismo, the traditional medicine of MesoAmerica including
Aztec, Mayan, and Native American healing practices. In these shamanic, intuitive sessions, the elements of Nature are used directly in the room and/or upon the body to move energy into greater balance. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and loves the transformational gifts that Reiki brings forth. She provides Reiki as a hospice volunteer as well, and, in this setting, she is
connected to the sheer beauty of life that flows through each chakra and the body continuously evolving until our last moments of living. Her empathic skills are close at hand in these
energetic treatments.

The sum of the different types of treatments Jennifer offers reflects her personal path, beliefs, values, and innate gifts to share. She believes that each modality has their own right time and place in one’s healing process. Jennifer is the owner of Qi Cottage Acupuncture & Well-BeingServices, LLC. Qi Cottage is the name of an acupuncture point heralding the place inside of us
where all of our needs for nurturing, security, and abundance resides. She serves as one who activates this knowing in greater form for each person so they may cultivate their remembrance of ease, joy, and the restoration of health. You can visit her website for more information at


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“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” — Hippocrates