Reiki is a gentle yet powerful Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation and stress reduction. It is administered by “laying on hands” along the head and torso while laying fully clothed on a massage table. It releases negative energy held within your Body Mind & Spirit that limit your happiness and health. Reiki embraces your inner strength and restores balance in your being, often supporting your body’s natural healing process to improve recovery time from injury or illness. You may experience reduced stress, pain relief, and notice wonderful changes that can lead to peace and calmness within. Reiki is also known for assisting one on their journey of personal development, aligning with higher self, and the soul’s purpose. It can be a magikal road of self discovery, while peeling away the layers of past traumas, negative experiences and even old habits. Expect to gain a new perspective, and open up to new possibilities. An open mind can create a whole new world.


Meet our Practitioners

Carissa Harris

Reiki Master Teacher, Carissa has a true passion for providing Reiki to others. She especially loves to see and feel the difference in people’s energy after a session. Carissa begins her Reiki sessions with aromatherapy and sound healing, using a clear quartz crystal singing bowl. The sound vibrations assist in relaxation of the mind and body; allowing for deeper healing to take place and to release stuck energy. Carissa leads a monthly Reiki Exchange every first Monday, and teaches Reiki classes with attunements.

Jennifer Nuncio

Jennifer is a Reiki Master Teacher who greatly appreciates Reiki’s capacity to give motion to transformation. It is a safe, gentle, and respectful modality by way of the universal intelligence that it is. Jennifer offers full Reiki sessions as a stand alone treatment. She has seen wonderful results in bringing forth greater peace, calm, balance as well as physical ease and the release of tension underlying aches and pains. She often finds that people receive unique messages that assist their healing process during these sessions. Reiki’s inherent simplicity is elegant, and Jennifer appreciates its many lessons in faith, humility, and love.