Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Trainings

hOMe Collective is grateful to be a partner and host site to the yoga therapy trainings brought to the Greater Denver area by the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has been around for 30 years and developed the The Phoenix Rising Method which is the foundation for all of the different programs you can find through PRYT: Yoga Therapist Certification, Yoga Teacher Training, and Programs for Mental Health Professionals.

What exactly is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing art. Using age old yogic and modern therapeutic approaches to deepen awareness and presence, we are able to help others accept themselves more fully. Out of this acceptance they are more easily moved to embrace the opportunity for change, growth and enhanced well-being in body, mind, emotions and spirit. All programs provide you a comprehensive education in guiding yoga-based embodied mindfulness experiences that are client-centered and deeply empowering.

There are lots of opportunities for you whether you’re a yoga teacher looking to get a 300 hr bridge and/or become a yoga therapist, a mental health professional looking to integrate the body more into your approach with clients or someone looking to start a career in yoga teaching and/or yoga therapy.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Track

Skillfully guide others to align the wisdom of their body and mind in an individualized direct experience. Discover how to be a catalyst for powerful change through this research-backed, body-centered approach to clear insight and life-changing action.

Phoenix Rising Essentials (Level 1)(4 days)

This course is both didactic and experiential. It will include presentations, group discussion, guided experiences, and an elementary application of the practice. You will gain an understanding of the Phoenix Rising Method™ and its paradigm of life change based on the intersection of Yoga, Buddhism, Psychology and Neuroscience. Designed for yoga therapists, yoga teachers, mental health professionals, and anyone interested in guiding people into the deeper aspects of self through the body. You will explore the use of safe touch, the edge, presence, progression toward direct experience, and meaningful body-mind integration for life action.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Level 2 (5 days)

In Level 2, the focus is on dialogue techniques and refining skills learned in Level 1. Once again you will have an opportunity to deepen your own growth through applied practice sessions. You will learn different approaches to dialogue used to enhance mind-body consciousness and how to deepen the yoga therapy experience by increasing awareness. You will also be taught an integrative process for helping clients open to transformational opportunities through attunement to their own inner guidance and how to use the yoga therapy session as a vehicle for working with the transformation process.

Phoenix Rising Level 3 (9 months with 2 residentials)

Yoga Therapy Training Level 3 is the most comprehensive phase of the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy core curriculum: a nine-month part-time, distance learning mentored practicum, plus two seven-day residential intensives (12 days if a student stays for adjunct courses). It is designed to give you the professional experience, knowledge, understanding, and confidence needed to establish a career. Students have a chance to observe themselves in action and receive detailed supervision. This part of the program includes practice sessions and detailed reports, intensive workshops, reading of professional literature relating to yoga and psychotherapy, professional business practices, and essay writing.

Anatomy and Physiology 1

In Anatomy and Physiology 1 you will explore the relationship to yoga asana, movement, meditation, breathing, and the essence of the Phoenix Rising approach with the intention of encouraging a multi-dimensional sense of wonder and curiosity about the miracle of one’s body. This workshop relies on the study of your best anatomy & physiology resource – your own body. Through auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning methods you will have the opportunity to experience your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through lecture, play, creativity, touch, demonstration and questioning.

Transformational Philosophies

The course covers the essence of Yoga Philosophy, the teachings of the Buddha, and principles of contemporary psychology that harmonize with these teachings and that are now supported by neuroscience. You will study eastern philosophies from the perspective of how they support the change process, and how they connect to your work as a Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, or Mental Health Professional. The course is suited to both Phoenix Rising professional as well as students from other backgrounds or enrolled in other programs.