Nutritional Therapy

Nourishment Unique to You

Our bodies are meant to thrive!

In today’s modern world with the food we eat, the toxins we’re exposed to and the ongoing stress we endure, it’s not uncommon for nagging symptoms to arise. These symptoms are our bodies way of saying something is off balance, our body is asking us to listen, to take an honest look at how we treat the vessel we call home.

Using the tools of Nutritional Therapy, you are able to dig into underlying imbalances, remove the stressors and add in nutrient dense, whole foods that restore vitality. Working from the foundations of digestion, blood sugar regulation, hydration, mineral balance and fatty acid status, partner with your practitioner to take a supported, multi-channel approach toward restoration.

Through a detailed 6 step approach, discover what your bio-individual needs are and gain a better understanding of the nourishment your body needs on a day to day basis. Using tools like a 300+ question Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, Food and Mood Journal, the Functional Exam and Lingual-Neuro Testing, engage in a targeted approach to restore long term health.

This multi-channel approach allows you to partner with your practitioner on a nourishment protocol that meets your own needs and is also adjustable as your needs change over time.

Just as the seasons change, so do the needs of our bodies and having the tools to listen and respond to those changing needs is one of the most empowering gifts.


Meet our Practitioner

Caroline Kelly

 Food is the foundation of our wellness. It’s how we connect with ourselves, others and with nature. Using a food first approach, Caroline partners with clients to restore imbalances in body systems. Sessions include reviewing current health goals, coming up with a detailed nourishment plan, functional testing on different body systems and testing which nutrient support is most beneficial. Caroline also works with clients to address points of stress that could be contributing to a clients inability to meet their health goals.