Walk and Talk Therapy

Learn to Thrive, Not Just Survive

We all live in perpetual motion and have to constantly adapt and innovate. But by holding on and maintaining, we fail to grow and transform into our best selves. We often need to take a time out, remap where we want to go, and walk down the path we are actually looking for.

Active Talks is simply going for a walk, throwing a ball, heading for a hike, rolling a bowling ball, or working out while talking with a therapist using their knowledge and life experience to help you find your best path.

Walk and Talk Therapy is having a conversation
and moving as we talk.

We believe you are a unique person who has realized they need to talk with someone who will listen and wants to work with them. We are caring people who want to listen to your story and collaborate with you on finding your next steps and the clarity you are looking for.

Meet Our Practitioner

Scott Sorensen

Scott Sorensen is the owner of Active Talks. He loves listening to stories and believe that having someone with an open ear and caring heart will help you heal, restore, and prepare for your best journey. He has discovered the best solutions in life have often come when we are outdoors and nature helps us feel free and open to new ideas. Active Talks create a safe place to have honest conversations while moving together in a natural environment. We will look at your journey and the steps that led you to here through a narrative approach, find the lessons learned, and then chart out where you want to go next.