Couples Therapy

Sharing your life with another person is often a combination of amazing and frustrating. We want to simply love and enjoy being with someone, but so many other things such as time, money, kids, and communication make that uncomplicated wish very complex. Sometimes we just need to have someone help us look at our relationship from a neutral perspective, see what things we are doing right and wrong, and help us regain our wish for joy and happiness together.

Couples therapy is an opportunity to do just that.

We view your relationship as our client and work with you to improve your communication and connection with each other. 

Meet our Practitioners

Sarah Claus

Sarah Claus is passionate about supporting her clients turn their relationships into ones that they like.  Sarah works with couples experiencing concerns around infidelity, substance use, communication problems, “a loss of passion,” and more. Using Relational Life Therapy, Sarah helps couples identify where their dance is becoming toxic to the relationship that they want and identify how they can change the dance into one that they love.  She offers tools, helps them explore the roots of their core issues, and nudges them to create the relationship they want.

Dr. Scott Sorensen

Scott of Active Talks Therapy has extensive experience doing couples therapy, is educated in Gottman and Emotionally Focused couples therapy modalities, and treasures the opportunity to help folks have fulfilling and fruitful relationships. When working with Scott, he looks at each of your personality profiles, evaluates the joys and frustrations you have, and helps each of you work together in a more productive and cohesive way. Our work together starts by meeting with both of you together to get an overview of your relationship, then once each individually to get each of your honest perspectives, and then back together to discuss your current relationship and next steps towards positive change.