Acupuncture was documented as originating in China approximately two thousand years ago.  Acupuncture principles are founded upon the laws of Nature, and were first recorded in classical Chinese medical texts around 200 B.C.  It is an ancient system of medicine that works with the energy of the body, called Qi (pronounced CHEE).  This energy runs through the body via channels or meridians to supply the entire being with life-giving properties.  The goal of acupuncture treatment is to correct imbalances within the energy of the body.  In doing so, one may return to his/her natural state of balance, which often leads to the restoration of health.    

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture

 This style of acupuncture treats the Body-Mind-Spirit equally, elegantly, and efficiently.  It treats beyond symptoms to the root cause.  When treating at the root origin, disease processes (those evident or not yet) can unravel returning greater health and ease to the forefront.  It was originally used to assist living in harmony with Nature and the Tao making it an effective preventive medicine, and it is astute in facilitating personal development.  Nowadays, we see its power in treating a wide variety of health conditions from mild to advanced.  

We all fall out of balance as a matter of living and adapting to stressors – self-imposed or from the environment.  Jennifer works to strengthen your energy system so that your body will understand how to hold this balance with less and less assistance over time.  As you experience greater balance, greater health unfolds.  Because this style of acupuncture treats the whole person all at once, more “side-benefits” are typically experienced than side-effects.  Each treatment builds upon the others activating further doors of potential to open for your well-being and health.  

AcuDetox Ear Acupuncture

This is a simple yet powerful ear acupuncture protocol using five tiny needles in each ear.  It brings about the relaxation response, which is essential for any healing process.  Although the points of the ear are ancient wisdom, this protocol was originally developed in the 1970’s to help treat patients in addiction recovery.  It’s success has since then led to its use in settings reaching beyond the field of addictions.  More recently, evidence is showing its effectiveness in treating stress and trauma, and qualified professionals can now provide this modality in disaster relief situations.  It has demonstrated outcomes for calming the nervous system, reducing the effects of stress, improving sleep, decreasing cravings, and alleviating pain.  The detox effect can benefit a person physically, mentally, or emotionally by allowing unhelpful, stagnant energy to flow again.  One of these treatments generally lasts half an hour.  Jennifer likes providing this treatment individually and in group settings.



Meet our Practitioner

Jennifer Nuncio

Jennifer Nuncio, M.A., LAc., LPC is dedicated and poised to serve your Body-Mind-Spirit journey of health. She started her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor and maintains this license although she has branched into Acupuncture and Energy Work as her main modalities that she’s offering at this time.