hOMe Collective Yoga Class Descriptions

Basics/Gentle Yoga
All Levels

Gentle Yoga is a wonderful way to begin your yoga practice! We move slowly and specifically, introducing and developing standing, seated, and supine poses. Gentle classes are soothing and balancing, allowing you to calm the mind, center the breath, and access openness in the body. This class is encouraged for yoga students at all levels, newcomers or long-time yogis, as a welcoming and refreshing way to encourage your practice.

Breathwork and Sound Meditation

All Levels

You may have already experienced the immense benefits of mindful movement through the physical aspects of Yoga. Are you ready to explore some of the subtler aspects of the practice?

Join Gabor every Thursday at 7PM for a 60 minute class to tune in with your own breath, relax and unwind in a whole new setting. In each session physical movement will be kept to a minimum as we’ll be focusing on quieting the mind via stillness, conscious breathing, meditation and sound healing using Himalayan singing bowls. All levels welcome – no yoga or meditation experience needed! 

Chakra Core Flow


Do you want to do more than just practice yoga poses? Are you curious about chakra energy and how to use it in your life? In this Chakra Core class, Kelli Gould will lead you through a dynamic, fun, Flow class where you will learn about a different Chakra each week. You’ll discover what energy the Chakra represents and how to align that energy and use it in your every day life. In this class, you will train your entire core system…not just the abdominals! This is a challenging but forgiving and fun class where laughter is
the “Core” ingredient!

Community Class- Donation Based!

All Levels

Join us every Sunday morning for a donation-based Community Yoga class! Our teachers will rotate each week, so you’ll be able to meet new faces, learn new poses/styles of yoga, and be part of expanding our cOMmunity! We can’t wait to see you there!

Students with current 10 or 20 class packs may choose to use those pricing options OR pay a donation amount per class.

50% of proceeds from every class will be donated to Higher Ground Youth, a local non-profit.

Chill Plus

All Levels

Expand your yoga practice with this chill slow flow and luxurious restorative. In this balanced mix, our Flow portion is 45 minutes and Restore section is 30 minutes.

Connect deeply to earth, spirit, body and breathe as day ends and evening begins. Hope to see you on your mat!

Dharma Yoga

All Levels

A heart-focused vinyasa practice, using philosophy, pranayama, movement (asana) and meditation to bring harmony to the mind, body and Spirit. Guided by ancient yogic scriptures, this class will incorporate the teachings of the past in order to cultivate an understanding of the present. This class is open to students of all levels. The asana portion of this class will include but not be limited to Sun Salutations, standing postures, hip opening, heart
opening, and inversions.

Be prepared to flow intensely and let go immensely!

Gentle Yoga + Yoga Nidra

All Levels

Breathe, relax, and reset. Vanessa will guide you through gentle movements before guiding you through a sleep based, yoga nidra meditation. Great for de-stressing, balancing the nervous system, and embodying the energy of an intention you create. Vanessa loves incorporating her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, astrology, and the teachings of Pema Chodron into her classes.

Gentle Vinyasa

All Levels

Gentle Vinyasa is a great way to learn the basics of a Vinyasa class with slower sun salutations and all levels peak poses. We emphasize the incredibly important process of linking the breath with the movements, and learn how to align and strengthen in many of the basic poses. Teachers offer variations and modifications so that students at all levels can find joy & safety in their practice.

Roll & Restore Yoga

All Levels

This 75 minute class combines ball rolling and restorative yoga to create an experience of relaxation, balance, and nourishment. Ball rolling is used to release tension and stress held in connective tissues and prepares the body for the stillness of the restorative practice. Restorative postures are held for 5-10 minutes and are fully supported using various props. The long holds of this practice activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest and digest functions of the body, immunity, and cellular repair. This class is open to all bodies, especially those experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue or those who just need a little self care.

Somatic Movement Class

All Levels

While not technically yoga, Hanna Somatics and Yoga share a common goal of unifying mind with body through movement and awareness.  Hanna Somatics was developed by Thomas Hanna who realized that the disease and dysfunction typically thought of as aging was actually caused by chronic stress and injury. Somatic Movement is designed to release chronic muscular tension and help people fully recover from old injuries. Simply put, in this class, functional, whole person movements are done slowly and mindfully so that the person learns to get better at moving in their body as they age.

Students of these classes can expect to:
-Learn how to slowly and safely explore movement potentials in their body.
-Connect, integrate and balance areas of tension with areas of comfort
-Discover how the different parts of the body work together as one whole system
-Unwind unconscious patterns of physical and emotional holding
-Fulling recover from the physical effects of past injuries and trauma
-Move better, feel better, and live better

Sunrise Vinyasa

Our morning Sunrise Vinyasa practices offer creative, challenging, and playful sequences to help you dig into and expand your yoga practice before you head to work. Classes will offer pranayama, asana, meditation, peak poses, dharma talks, and more. Adjustments, variations, and up-level options are offered so that you are able to explore and enrich your personal practice both on & off the mat. Come play, strengthen, and start your day off right!


Vinyasa means “breath & movement;” in these classes you’ll flow through sun salutations and creative variations, work towards peak poses, and incorporate the breath (pranayama) the entire time. Both invigorating and balancing, Vinyasa yoga is an incredibly powerful way to strengthen, stretch, play, explore, and deepen. Vinyasa is more challenging and faster paced than Gentle Vinyasa, though teachers continue to offer variations & modifications so that all students can find joy & safety in their practice.

Vinyasa with Live Music

Enjoy this weekly live music experience! Live guitar and vocals will accompany your energizing, balancing flow. Vinyasa means “breath & movement;” you’ll flow through sun salutations and creative variations, work towards peak poses, and incorporate the breath (pranayama) the entire time. Both invigorating and balancing, Vinyasa yoga is an incredibly powerful way to strengthen, stretch, play, explore, and deepen. This class is more challenging and faster paced than Gentle Vinyasa, variations & modifications are offered so that all students can find joy & safety in their practice.

Women's Yoga Circle

All Levels

Do you feel numbed out and disconnected from nature’s cycles, however unsure about how to feel like yourself again? Are you exhausted by all the many relational hats you wear in your life (partner, mother, daughter, friend, employee, etc.) and in desperate need of a space that is just for you? At hOMe Collective’s Women’s Yoga Circle, you could find your way back to your clarity and calm by restoring and deeply nourishing your entire system through breath, movement, and community…

Classes at hOMe Collective Yoga offer students a range of styles & options, but one thing remains consistent in any class; our teachers are dedicated to guiding you through a safe practice with modifications & adjustments to help you deepen, strengthen, and grow.