HoCo Wellness Journey

Packages to Help You Choose Your Path to Wellness

At hOMe Collective we want to support you in creating a unique, whole-person wellness path that is all your own! We firmly believe in all of our offerings which support you in cultivating a whole-person wellness approach to life. These packages are created to encourage you to try new things. From there you can decide who and what are the best fit for you as you continue your wellness journey.

How does it work?

You have three options:

  1. Choose 2 different services and use them in 30 days for $110
  2. Choose 3 different services and use them in 40 days for $150
  3. Choose 4 different services and use them in 50 days for $180

New students can add always 30 days of unlimited yoga for just $30 at any time!


Read below to see all of your options!


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

A PRYT sessions blends embodied movement with dialogue to support you in cultivating awareness, clarity and insight in your life. Through PRYT you can experience the embodiment of sensations, emotions, and memories as you choose which places of insight and potential you with to explore more fully. PRYT is a facilitated opportunity to use your body as a vehicle for introspection and self-discovery. To schedule contact Bev at bev@bjohnsonyt.yoga or 540.428.6329.

Value and Vision Board Making Mini-Session

Your Value & Vision Board making session will be part written and verbal exploration of your core values, (innermost convictions about who you want to be and what you want to live for), and part creative experience using basic collage and art materials to envision how you can live closer to those values. With the guidance of art therapist and counselor, Valerie Epstein-Johnson, you will use the creative process to tap into your intuitive awareness of what is most important to you in Life and how to embody more of it in your day-to-day life. To schedule contact Valerie at vejtherapy@gmail.com or 720-336-5852.

EMDR-based Guided Meditation

While EMDR is offered for her ongoing therapy clients, psychotherapist Sarah Claus offers Wellness Journey clients a unique 60-minute session to help them find strength, intention, and peace using EMDR-based guided meditations.  When done in ongoing therapy, EDMR instills clients with confidence and strength and helps them to move past memories or beliefs that have them feeling “stuck.” To schedule your session contact Sarah at connect@sarahclaus.com.  


Reiki is a gentle yet powerful Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation and stress reduction. It is administered by “laying on hands” along the head and torso while laying fully clothed on a massage table. It releases negative energy held within your Body Mind & Spirit that limit your happiness. Reiki embraces your inner strength and restores balance in your being. You may experience reduced stress, pain relief, and notice wonderful changes that can lead to peace and calmness within. To schedule, contact Carissa at cbtmassage@gmail.com or 303.475.5167.


Biofeedback is a technique that trains people to improve their health by controlling certain bodily processes that normally happen involuntarily, such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and skin temperature. The specific biofeedback program Scott employs is called HeartMath, which is a research-based system of scientifically validated tools, techniques, and technology designed to increase emotional self-regulation. HeartMath utilizes a device that objectively monitors the individual’s heart rhythms and pairs it with a variety of techniques and tools to help teach you how to regulate your physiological state and reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and chronic pain. To schedule contact Scott at scott@activetalks.org or 720-251-4879.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking and a Yoga Sequence for PMS

Join Cynthia St.Clair, Integrative Therapist and Creator of Wild Moon Integrative Therapies, LLC, for a unique opportunity to take the temperature of your moon cycle. We’ll spend the first half of our time together focusing on understanding and making connections between what’s going on in your mind and body during day-to-day hormonal changes. From there, we’ll shift gears to an embodied practice that will give you a grounding respite for your hardest days. You’ll walk away from this session with greater insight into yourself and your cycle, as well as tools to navigate when the going gets rough. Contact Cynthia at cynthiastclair@gmail.com or 718.974.6645.

Nutritional Therapy Consult

Over the course of an hour I will meet with you about your health goals, complete the functional assessment for digestion, provide Lingual-Neuro testing on different points of your body and provide actionable takeaways for you to comfortably implement on your wellness journey.

Contact Caroline at Caroline@restorethyroots.com or call 480-760-5694

An East Meets Southwest Healing Experience

Jennifer brings her Acupuncture and MesoAmerican healing traditions into one session for you.  This session will begin with a Limpia or spiritual cleanse of your energetic field with the sacred elements and may include the use of stones, resins, herbs, incense, flowers, plants, feathers, sound tools, oils, or scents.  Then, you will receive AcuDetox Ear Acupuncture for relaxing and balancing of your inner energy system.  The detox effect can support you physically, mentally, and/or emotionally.  Relaxing and liberating!  

Contact Jennifer at jnuncio@me.com  or call 303-931-9479.

Parent Coaching

You are a good parent, and parenting is hard! Instead of struggling alone with parenting challenges, meet with Kathy “Kat” Sterling to identify your strengths, talk through your parenting struggles, learn alternative perspectives from research-based parenting models, and get recommendations for your specific situation. To schedule a one-hour coaching session, contact Kat with Sterling Wellness Services, LLC at 720-295-2272.

hOMe Collective Yoga Add-ON

If you are a NEW student to hOMe Collective Yoga you can add 30 days of unlimited yoga classes to any package at any time to fully commit to your Wellness Journey! This add on costs you just $30 for the 30 days of unlimited yoga. The $30 for 30 must be purchased through Mind Body Online or at the studio during your first class. It starts the day of purchase! Even if you don’t decide to add it now, know that the $30 for 30 days of yoga is always an option waiting for studnets new to hOMe Collective Yoga!

Promotional Details

    1. One 60 minute session per service chosen
    2. Must be new client to each practitioner you see
    3. 30 days of yoga can be added for NEW hOMe Collective Yoga students for $30
    4. 1st session and 1st yoga class must be initiated within 15 days of purchase
    5. Package starts the day of your first session and expires 30, 40 or 50 days later
    6. Package is non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-shareable
    7. Packages can be purchased as gifts
    8. After purchase, all sessions will be booked directly with each practitioner


For questions contact Liz Keltner at info@homecollective.org.